How long do you go between cuts while growing out?

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Right now, my hair is BSL, and I'd like it to be just mid-back when curly -- maybe just 4" longer when curly. So I think not an impossible goal.

It took me about 2 years to grow out layers from a terrible haircut. Some are still shorter than I'd like, but they're all at least to the collarbones at this point. I go for a cut at Devachan about twice a year, and my stylist there does, I feel, really listen to me. She shapes it nicely and doesn't cut off too much. Nevertheless, my hair gets REALLY sproingy whenever it's cut, and I always feel like it takes four months to get back to where it was (just healthier, if that makes any sense?). I also have the type of hair that, because it's sooooo fine, the curls can snarl and tangle pretty easily, so sometimes my ends fray even when the hair is basically healthy.

How long can I go without a trim to try to get more length? I want to shoot for at least a year . . . But obviously I want the hair to be in good shape, too. I'm 100% CG, trying to alternate protein/moisture DTs every few weeks; I sleep in a pineapple and on a silk pillowcase. (I'm also pregnant, which has definitely helped give the growth a boost ... But when I have my baby soon, I'm sure a ton of it will fall out!) Any other tips you'd recommend? Grateful for any/all!
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    I've gone a year without trimming. But, I kept my hair absolutely protected. Even the last time I got my hair trimmed was eight months ago.

    You just have to make sure you take good care of your ends so they won't split. Then you won't have to trim.

    You probably definitely need to wear your hair up for most of the year since your hair snags on things. That's what I did.

    Also, you can use a light oil at the ends. I know coconut oil is really good for the ends.

    Hope that helped. :)

    P.S. - Congratulations on your pregnancy. :D

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    on your pregnancy!

    I went almost the entire pregnancy without a trim, but without any colouring, straightening or even blow drying my hair, and it was fine.....and I wasn't CG, rather, I used Head and Shoulders daily gasp! My hair was awesome (must be the hormones, certainly not the shampoo!)

    You know your hair best - and if it doesn't feel like it needs a trim, then don't! If you dislike the shape, then a small trim is just the ticket!

    I've gone more than a year without a big cut (growing out a pixie), only trimmed in the winter, the back to avoid growing a mullet.

    I've had to keep myself away from scissors, not due to
    any dryness or damage, but due to horrible, horrible shapes (think Richard Simmons) :)

    It sounds like you are doing all the right things, just maybe a reminder to really rub your scalp to avoid build up, which I believe can result in hair loss?
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    i do my own trims about every 4 months. when it gets really long maybe ill go get it cut by someone just for layers.
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    I keep an eye on my ends while I'm growing it out. Sometimes I have to trim more often, but most of the time it is every 6-8 months. I tend to snag like you do, but I watch my ends and take care of any splits as soon as I can.
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    My hair grows quite fast and I trim a lot. Even though I want it to be long, I just got lazy to take care of it and I end up cutting it all the time.
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    well, i havent had a trim or cut for over 2 years and my hair does fine. ok, so its kinda uneven, and i dont have a proper cut. though my hair is strong and healthy, i dont have split ends i sometimes get single strand knots, but i just go through and cut them out when i see/feel them.

    my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
    my hair loves conditioner only styling!
    Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
    my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.
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    I try to go at least 2 months.
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    I just trim as needed, and I usually do so when my ends start feeling really dry. I was planning to get my hair trimmed sometime this month but I've decided to wait instead. Last time I got a trim was in April.
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    I'm the same as Krullenbol. My hair grows super fast, so I get a trim every 2 months or so. My hair is very thick, so it loses its shape pretty quickly. I haven't felt like it has set me back too much going this often. However, it may be a different story this time around, since I am no long straightening my hair.

    Just get it when you feel it needs it. But just a tip - the longer you go, the more you may have to cut off later unless you are super super careful with your hair.
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    I have gotten my hair trimmed a total of two times since August 2011. (I cut off the relaxed ends then) now with my MBL when curly and hip length when I straightened it over Halloween to see what coworkers said. I cowash every 2-3 days and lo-poo once a week, this has worked for me, though 90% of the time it's in a bun while I'm at work so I don't tickle my clients.
    MBL just trying to see how long I can get it:nike:
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    I trim my own hair every 3-6 months, but a very minor trim. I look through the ends of my hair and cut out split ends while I watch t.v.
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    I wasn't really focused on growing out my hair for a while, but when I did I went from shoulder length to about APL in 3 months. I dusted in between. I barely had any splits. I don't think I could go longer than 3-4 months though
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    SLS shampoo and deep condition once a week
    Protein treatment: 2x a month
    Cowash midweek
    Leave-in + oil everyday

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