Dry vs Wet cuts....

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For those of you who have had both types of hair cuts which do you prefer? I had a dry cut in August and I just felt like it wasn't done as well as a wet cut. It seemed like all of the hairs didn't get cut and it was done sort of fast. Perhaps thats because it is easier to see the curl pattern when dry? I don't know but which do you prefer?
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    It probably depends where you go and on your stylist. I had a dry cut and it was the best cut I have ever had. I never knew my hair was so curly! Also, it took like and hour and 15 minutes for the cut, so it was not at all rushed.

    Maybe your stylist was just in a hurry?
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    I won't ever get a wet cut again. My hair has so many different curl patterns, the front being tight and corkscrewy, while the back is wavy and underneath it all it's practically straight. When I used to get it cut wet the stylist would comb it all out, nice and even, and snip away and then later when it would dry the front would be five inches shorter than the rest! I hated that so much. And, to top it off, the right front of my hair is curlier than the left side, so that adds to the unevenness. I hardly ever do my hair straight (except on a rare day like today) so I don't really care how even it looks when straight, but since I wear it curly 99.9% of the time, I'd rather have it cut to look good curly.
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    I been geting a dry cut by my stylists for years now , i find my hair comes out better defined then cut wet. plus it seems like the cut last longer when cut dry if that makes sense.
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    I get my hair cut at Lorraine Massey's Devachan where they pretty much only cut dry hair. They really take their time too. I think they can better see your curl pattern that way.
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