Transitioning products for damned hair

SilverIceSilverIce Posts: 2Registered Users
So I am brand, super duper new to embracing my curly hair, and I want to try the Curly Girl Method. And here's why.

After coloring and straightening my hair for years (my hair was actually pretty healthy) I decided to go blonde, but my hair got super damaged in the process. Long story short - the lady who did it screwed up so I had to get it done again to fix the color.

Rather than damaged my hair further by straightening it every day, I've decided to embrace my natural texture, but I need help. After reading around this site and others I've determined that I had type 2a, medium to coarse texture, highly porous hair.

I was hoping that you guys had some product recommendations for hair like this. Products that will work with the Curly Girl system. I essentially need everything - from conditioner to any leave in treatment. Any help would be infinitely appreciated!