Hair type ?

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Unfortunately I am unable to take pictures at the moment, but my 3C hair
(Looks like this)
Is starting to grow out 2b. My hair has always been 3c and i have had no problems until my hair cut in 2010. My hair was around 7-8 in long. I styled my hair in box braids for 3 years. After Taking out my braids (June 2013) I noticed a difference in my hair texture, my hair was growing in wavy. My hair has never had in chemicals in it to make it straight and according to my hair dresser my hair is not damaged.How do i fix this ?


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    hair changes over time depending on the length of your hair. Most people hair pattern tends to become looser because the longer your hair the heavier it gets or some people refer it to gravity. When I big chopped my hair I thought i was a 4b( my hair was 1 inch at the time). Now that my hair is 7 inches it is 3c/4a. So what is happening to your hair is natural so the only thing I can think of is if you use a curl enhancer or cut it a little. Hope this helps :)
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