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Lately it seems that threads are getting told to calm down, or even being locked, when it hardly seems necessary. I do understand the need to get people to cool off, and sometimes threads CAN become harrassing and attacking to certain posters.

In the past I've seen some seriously offensive posts and comments that never go addressed, and threads that go completely off the wall, yet never get locked b/c we don't want to infringe on rights of speech. Yet on the same token, there have been quite civil, short threads that have been merely strong discussions that have been unnecessarily locked.

Just something I wanted to vent out because it has been bothering me a bit lately.
~ the artist formerly known as babywavy ~

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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I think you're talking about some of the threads I've intervened in.

    When I came on board as a mod I was asked to keep a bit tighter watch on the threads and to try to cool things down before they get out of control. I am probably being tougher than some of the mods in the past. You can chalk it up to my getting a feel for the job, if you like, but I've also let some fairly intense discussions go by.

    My philosophy is that I don't have a problem with conflict of opinion, and I don't mind minor name-calling, but when a lot of people gang up on one person I feel I should cool it off. And if a thread is completely nonproductive and there is no discussion of the topic, only escalating personal attacks back and forth, I feel it needs to end.

    I'm glad to get your feedback. Feel free to continue commenting.

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    Attacking or harrasing has never been allowed. Moreover, we (meaning the moderators & owners) have talked extensively about what is considered appropriate behaviour. Now with SuZen on board, we are better able to follow through with the consequences of behavior not inkeeping with the spirit of the community.
  • Oregano  (formerly babywavy)Oregano (formerly babywavy) Registered Users Posts: 5,297 Curl Neophyte
    I guess it just comes down to personal opinon on what is considered "attacking" and "harrassing".

    I don't want to step on anybody's toes - I've never had an issue with the way this site has been moderated in the past. I just think you can police things TOO much.

    But, just my own personal feedback.
    ~ the artist formerly known as babywavy ~

    Please excuse any typos. For the time being, we are blaming it on my computer.
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    Yeah, I was personally attacked several times on a thread for my unpopular opinion, my thread was taken way off course to the point where I requested it be locked, and no one did anything but warn people to calm down once (which was of course ignored). That was way more heated than some of these other threads are. Oh well, just allows me to see people's true colors. I enjoyed seeing people go up a wall, and would've been bothered if the attacking wasn't so transparent and comical. Only a couple people got the gist of the post. I guess personal attacks are allowed as long as the mods agree with the people who are doing the attacking...
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    I have to state that I have spent a lot of time on another forum which has now closed down and I found locked threats there very frustrating.

    Here on naturallycurly I have no complaints :)
    Then again I have not been here long, but I find a very relaxed atmosphere and pleasant monitoring.

    I love this site! :cheers:

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