How Do You Know When It's Time for a Haircut?

I have grown my hair to APL, and it's starting to seem thin. I tend to lose more hair in the warmer months and not so much in the cooler, so I know that's one of the reasons. I can make it look fuller, but when I look at the ends, they seem so thin compared to the root. I've also been swimming, so a lot of chlorine exposure this summer and possibly buildup.

Maybe this is a sign it's time for a cut? I'm scared of getting my hair cut, because of way too much length being cut off before, and have been scared of haircuts every since. I can trim it myself, but I'm wondering if it's time for a reshaping or a new length? Or maybe just try some new products?

Ideas or suggestions welcome, and thanks!
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    It sounds like you may have breakage due to chlorine from swimming. Do you, by any chance, put your hair up in a ponytail a lot more during summer than at other times? That could also be a factor.

    If you're not already doing this, I strongly suggest saturating your hair with tap water, and applying a chelating conditioner (Suave Naturals or one of the VO5 conditioners works really well, and is super cheap) prior to getting in the pool. When you get out, co-wash.

    About the length and cutting your hair, you may want to wait until summer is over, then getg a good curly cut, or give yourself one following the instructions, illustrations, and video in Curly Girl: The Handbook. Next to going to Devachan, my best haircut was one I did myself following those instructions. I really took my time with it, but at least, when I was done, I knew why my hair had had to go back to a certain length, and that I'd preserved as much when layering as I possibly could.

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    I cut the length myself an inch at a time to eliminate straggly hair, if that doesn't do the trick I have a proper haircut. I do trim the layers but usually only to take the tips off the top not a full cut.

    Have you been protecting your hair from the chlorine with oils and a swim cap? Please don't coat your hair in anything without a cap, you contaminate the pool.

    If you have not been protecting it you might try to patch repair some of the damage with coconut oil soaks, hydrolysed protein treatments, ceramides, maybe 18-MEA and panthenol.
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    I always know when I need a haircut when my ends aren't curling properly. If your ends are scraggly, it's definitely time for a cut. Do it after your pool season is over though because you'll want a fresh start for fall. Try to find a deva stylist, but if you can't, go to the hair salon for a consultation. Have the stylist show you exactly what she'll do and the length she will cut off. If it makes you uncomfortable, don't schedule an appointment!
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    I'm guessing it's chlorine and really hard water causing the issues. The ends still seem a little frazzled and they are lighter than the rest of my hair, and I haven't colored my hair in a few years, so I'm thinking it's the chlorine. But it also seems thinner than it did when it was a little shorter.

    I trimmed a little myself and am seeing if I'm happy with that. If not, after summer would be a good time to get a good cut.

    I appreciate the ideas.

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    Well you said you think you might have build-up. Seems the next logical thing before getting a cut is to get rid of any possible build-up. For that, you can use a chelating shampoo (for chlorine exposure) and follow it up with a DC. Also, check to make sure your regular products don't contain silicones.

    The straggly ends sound like the need for a trim. I totally agree w/looking into a Deva cut. Deva stylists typically cut curly hair while it's in its dry state to avoid taking too much off. I agree w/getting a consultation first too (a phone consult should suffice). I have 2 blog posts about preparing for a hair cut (here and here), if you're interested. ... Oh, and I agree w/the others about protecting your hair w/a coat of conditioner prior to entering the pool. Chlorine can be so harsh.