Andie Macdowell in Cedar Cove: L'Oreal Products?

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I love Andie Macdowell's curly brunette hair, and how she usually wears it curly instead of straightening it. She also keeps it brunette instead of going blonde.

As a L'Oreal model, I wonder if she really does use all of their products on her hair.

I read an interview with her in a magazine recently, and she said she used these L'Oreal products in her hair:

EverPure Sulfate Free Color Care Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner

EverSleek Sulfate Free Humidity Defying Leave-In Crème

Any of you with similar curls to Andie Macdowell (3a/b) try L'Oreal products, and did they work for you?
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    She has very pretty hair. I doubt she uses Loreal products tho and probably uses more higher end brands. There was a post yrs ago of a woman who actually saw Andie in a gym and mentioned she saw her putting Paul Mitchell The Cream and some french oil after the cream. Unfortunately, I do not remember the woman that posted that post.
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