PLZ give advice, making FSG today-best EOs and preservatives for FSG?

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I got lavendar, and it smells HORRIBLE. i hate lavendar scents.. Any other options? What do u use?

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    I think vitamin E oil and citric acid will help preserve.

    I hate lavender smell too!

    It's not 100% necessary to put in things that will preserve; my batch was flax and water and I just kept it in the fridge and tossed it after 7-10 days.

    I do think it's better if you add in something that helps preserve; from what I know vitamin E oil and citric acid and EO's will help preserve but not not be as good as other commercial preservatives. I'd still recommend you toss your FSG after 10 days whether or not you add things to preserve it and of course keep it in the fridge the whole time. Either make FSG weekly or make a bigger batch and freeze what you're not using in a week's time.
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    I like my fsg, but hpw do i get volume at the roots? I mess up my curls teasing it, which doesnt look good :/ otherwise my haor flatly lays against my head

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    You should get more volume if you SOTC upside down. I also get increased volume if I do that, then give my head a good shake before coming back upright. You can also try a root shake. Slide your fingers in at the root, underneath your surface curls, and gently shake. You should get volume without messing up your curls. Again, you'll get more volume with this method if you do it upside down. You could also finger comb for additional volume, but you might get added poof or frizz if you aren't careful.

    This blog entry has some decent info: Good Frizz? “Controlled Volume” | Scott Musgrave Hair
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    If i do my hair upside down, i come up with crazy curls and the layers all stick outwards :/

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