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KatiestringpKatiestringp Posts: 10Registered Users
Hi fellow curlies.

I'm new to this forum and I've joined because I am having huge problems with my hair.

1. I had my hair chopped in 2011 and while the Bob was great, it was high maintenance. I have since tried to grow it back but have not been successful for a number of reasons. I am now determine to grow it past my underarm at least. It's curlier at the front and on the bottom and really disgusting, fuzzy and limp at the back :(

2. I have been natural for over 6 months now. Since that time my hair will not behave. It will either like a product for a short while or not at all. I have literally tried at least 50 different products, some from Australia and some imported from the USA. I have even tried making my own and still no luck and matters not if the product is natural or not. At this juncture everything just fails.
I couldn't even tell you what curl type I have or what porosity it is because it reacts differently to everything.

3. I'm considering putting my hair in a protective style such as Senegalese twists until it grows out.

Any info you could give me would be amazing. I'm so depressed with my hair and need all the help I can get.


  • curlicious13curlicious13 Posts: 1,632Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    While protective styles can help, you will stay have to learn your hair once the style comes down. A good resource for help is live curly live free. It will help you determine the properties of your hair & when combined with the dew points your can help your hair.
  • ConverseInkConverseInk Posts: 30Registered Users
    If your hair likes protein, I would suggest weekly protein treatments following up with a good DC.

    But remember, every curl is different just like every curlie girl. A big part of being a curlie girl is accepting your hair no matter how wild it is.



    Peace, Love, & Converse!
  • KatiestringpKatiestringp Posts: 10Registered Users
    It's just so unmanageable that I can't actually do anything with it. I initially thought my hair was 3b but now I just have absolutely no idea since there is more frizz than curl.

    And protein seems to dry my hair out. As I said I've prettyuch tried everything and I'm convinced that its just all frizz ball and no curl.

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