Any teachers getting ready to go back to school?

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Just curious. I am in a new school and we start next week - much earlier than most districts around here. I'm a bit overwhelmed but very excited!
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    I don't teach any more, but with in the district admin bldg. We go back Monday. It's earlier this year. All of our teachers start Monday. Kids come in 2 weeks (I think that's right, maybe they come next week).

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    Me! Our workweek is 8/26-8/30 (I'm in VA and school always starts the Tuesday after Labor Day), but I've already spent 7 days in inservices and several days working on stuff at home, lol. I will probably also spend a few days the week of the 19th getting my classroom put together so that I can jump right into planning during the workweek. I'm changing from 8th grade special ed (math and science) to 8th grade regular ed math this year, so I'm particularly excited to get going.
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    Yesss! I start tomorrow, but the kids come back in a few weeks. I'm SO EXCITED! We've had terrible weather this summer and I'm sooo ready to do something productive with all of these dreary days inside.

    Love to you all! I hope the reintroduction goes well <3
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