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Hi all,
I have decided to continue growing my hair out (I have been relaxing it and it doesn't really work so I figured I should stop), mostly because my husband loves it long. I can barely stand it. It's heavy, and hot, and bugs me. However, I do like how it looks. Curly it currently brushes my shoulders, but I flat iron it for work a few days a week and flat ironed it's to my shoulderblades.

How can you stand it being long? Is it just something I will get used to after having it cut for so long? When I was younger it was past my waist and I don't remember it bothering me at all. And any tips to get it to grow faster so I can wear it long and curly and stop ironing it?


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    You can transition from relaxed hair to natural hair or you can go ahead and do the big chop. Either way you have to trim the relaxed hair off. You have to figure out a regimen for your hair while transitioning. You must switch from non natural hair products to natural hair products in order to get the most optimal healthy hair. There are plenty of affordable hair products such as Shea Moisture, As I Am, Kinky Curly, DevaChan, and others. Read articles on here about transitioning; there are plenty.
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    Yes, I have done the transition before, I apologize for not being clear about that. A year ago I began relaxing again and will just go through it again. I am really wondering how people deal with having long hair, or how they get it to grow quicker as mine grows at the speed of a snail riding a turtle.
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    I feel like that too sometimes. I hate that it took so long to grow but now that its longer I feel like cutting it!

    I get tangles, knots and I have to be careful with it. I realized my hair is mostly heat damaged but I think eating healthy helped grow it the most.

    I also take vitamins but I can't tell if its helping because sometimes I forget to take it daily. And I've been taking them ever since I've been trying to seriously grow my hair out , which was in 2010!

    Since then I've had a lot of breakage from multiple things but now I'm trying to change that.

    * if you reduce the number of times you flat iron your hair, it should grow much faster because you won't have as many split ends to cut.

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