Newbie at 55

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I have had very thick curly hair since the age of 13 - hormone activated i guess. For most of my adult life I wore my hair very short (I am now approaching 55). With menopause and loss of hormones it seemed to be getting straighter so 9 months ago I decided to let it grow long. Now 9 months into it I think it is just straighter at the roots but as it grows its is still curly about 2 inches from the scalp. I go to the stylist very 4 weeks for coloring and she is helping me through this transition by letting my hair create long layers. I only get it cut every other visit so that it can grow gut to keep it in shape. I've recently decided to see what happens if I let it keep growing into a long spirally curl, if it cooperates. I went to the stores and shopped online and now have in my possession the necessary products to give this a go. Wondering if there are any other mid 50 women out there who went long after many years of short cropped hair. Raising kids didn't allow much time for dealing with thick frizzy curly hair so short, curly on top was easiest. I have 3 daughters with long curly hair but they straighten it most of the time or just put it up as they are now dealing with babies and don't have the time to deal with frizz. 10 years ago i had it long for a while but it was so unruly i ended up putting it up all the time and that heavy hair gave me headaches when always tied up. I recently came across a youtube video of how to handle long curly hair and it sparked my interest. Will I like this natural long curly style or is it not very appealing on a mid 50 woman - and will it work for me with such a thick mane?


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    Natural works for anyone!!! Just do it!!
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    Agreed. It's never too late to try again. I'm sure you'll look great with thick curly tresses! :D
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    Strongly agree with the others: do it :blob8:

    Healthy, well-cared-for curls of any shape, size or length are timeless. I wouldn't take that alleged age restriction on hair length seriously at all. And there are so many men and women over 50 who are absolutely stunning, regardless of personal style or hair length.

    Do what you will. Your kids are out of your hair (a pun, haha) and you have some time to enjoy yourself. You deserve to have fun :iconbiggrin:

    There's a lot of great info at this site to help you as you grow your curls out.
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    I'll be 55 next week and as of right now my hair is just past shoulder, which for me isn't very long (cut back this year from past hip), but would be long for you. I think shoulder-ish length is pretty flattering for middle-aged women with wavy/curly hair, so yes, I think it could look very nice on you!
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    Ellie58, Hi! Come talk to us over on the Over 40 forum too! :)

    I cut layers into my hair about 1-2 years ago and now I am trying to grow it out unto a more blunt shoulder-length bob to which I will eventually add "face framing" layers. I love the versatility of longer hair so that I can do a half-up, bun, twist, etc. on days that I don't want to mess with drying time and frizz concerns.
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    Go for it! IMO healthy long curly or straight hair looks striking on any woman (and even many men), regardless of chronological age providing it is well care for. The only long or curly hair I don't enjoy looking at is horribly damaged, and even then I see a challenge and can imagine the potential.

    I'm early forties and intend to have long, wavy, brightly coloured hair for the foreseeable future, I don't intend to conform to some ridiculous view of what we should do based on our chronological age. There are some gorgeous longer haired mature ladies on the Long Hair Community forum and the Wavy Hair Community on Facebook, some with silver streaks and some who choose to dye.
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