much needed 3a/b help

curlymess87curlymess87 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello I'm new here and I'm in needed of some help. I started transitioning or should I say trying to. I have no idea where to start. I haven't used shampoo in like a year tryed the CG thought it was to heavy for my hair. I try not to sleep with my hair in a pony tail. Now one of my BIG problems are the job I have I must wear a hat and keep my hair up the breakage is killing me any ideas on what I can do to help the hairstyle problem and the transition??????


  • davidkaltsasdavidkaltsas Registered Users Posts: 119
    Well the transition just needs time.. If you find curly girl method too weighting you can try modified curly hair method.. I think that you just shouldnt make tight ponytails . You should just make a ponytail to keep your hair out of your face
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