What's my hair type? Very confused.

vintagelove67vintagelove67 Posts: 1Registered Users
Hi there guys! I've been trying to figure out my hair type ever since my Big Chop about 3 months ago. Its been bugging me for the longest and I thought I'd ask some experts. Also, I'm wondering if it'll eventually fall or just grow up high. I have a photo attached of my hair freshly washed with eco styler. 9fpr.jpg


  • MizImpulsiveMizImpulsive Posts: 2Registered Users
    Yours looks like 4a? Maybe... I am still trying to figure mine out I big chopped initialy in May to a no.3 then again 1 month ago to a no.2. Been researching so much still really confused.uploadfromtaptalk1375998517024.jpg

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  • ifyify Posts: 1Registered Users
    It's pretty hard to tell up close. But from what I can tell it looks sort of 4b-ish.
  • rmc2rmc2 Posts: 349Registered Users
    Vintage's hair looks more 4b although I find that the greyish color somehow masks the type. Is there a way you could do another pic?
  • KitathenaKitathena Posts: 1,666Registered Users
    I would encourage you to not worry about hair type. Most people have several different hair types on their head. If I had to just guess I'd say 4a-4b.

    As for growing up or falling down, it just depends. Mine only hangs down when it's heavily weighed down with product or when it's been twisted or braided beforehand. When it's a freshly dried fro, it doesn't fall much.
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