Dyed Burgundy with Color Brilliance 6RV, Will This Affect a New Wavy?

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Hi! So, I'm very, very new to trying my natural hair. I've had it dyed with the color brilliance dye for a few months, and I love the color. I've considered switching to henna, but I don't know how that will interact with my previously dyed hair or if it's even a good idea? I'm also concerned that my wavy hair will be affected by the dye and that I'll mess it up by continuing to dye my hair...

For reference, I think my hair is about 2B, coarse, with medium porosity, high density, and about medium length.
2B, coarse, medium porosity, high density, medium length


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    Plenty of wavies and curlies dye. Is that a permanent, semi or demi permanent product? Are you dying roots only or 'refreshing' the lengths? If semi is your hair virgin or are you prelightening?

    You wouldn't get burgundy from henna without multiple treatments and henna can loosen waves.
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    I've actually used this exact color, and never had a problem with it ruining my hair or causing problems. The only issue I ever had with color was when I tried to remove it, twice in two days. THEN my hair was damaged, but it had nothing to do with this dye.

    Actually, I found that with using this dye and a low (like 10/20) cream developer my hair's condition actually improved. I've been thinking about going back to it for awhile now. I've also used the Wella burgundy color, and had good results, but that color faded (see pic to the left) very quickly so it was hard to keep.

    In my research, I found it very difficult to get a good recipe for henna for a burgundy dye, that was actually reliable. I never went for it because it seems like a pretty involved, LONG process. I would love to know if you find something that would work.

    I say go for it! Post pictures if you do :)
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