teething, nursing and weaning.

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so i'm in the middle of pumpweaning owen right now. i can't pump enough during the day to keep him on ebm at daycare. he's down to 8oz now, and i have to pump 3 times to get that much.
here's my pickle.
owen has started working on those 2 yr molars and is a nursing machine when i'm at home. he constantly wants mommy. to the point where he's pulling on my shirt to get me and the girls. he also has started waking up and nursing during the night again, and i can't get him to go back to sleep without his "fix". is this because of the molars? or is he starving? he gets whole milk and watered down juice at daycare and lord knows the kid eats enough. on the weekends? i can't get him to drink anything else! he wants mommy all the time.
i'm just worried the girls will get super confused with lots of nursing on the weekends and not as much pumping during the week.
i guess i need some reassurance for nursing past a year. i feel like i have to keep it secret that i'm going to be doing it before and after work. dh is fine with it. ds obviously is fine with it. i like his immune system, and kinda feel like i should let him stop fully when he's ready. SIL who nursed stopped her daughter at a year saying she'd rather stop her now before she knows she's missing it then try to stop it when they're older and they remember....mom and dad think i'm crazy for doing it this long....

why is this stuff so taboo? why is it so akward to talk about? why do i feel like i'm the only person in the world doing this?

you guys have always been so wonderful and supportive, and i guess i need some more reassurance...plus i'm all crazy hormonal pms-y so i apologize! :oops:

thanks in advance! :D you guys are the best!
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    definitely the 2 year molars. Ian nightweaned much more easily after his 2 year molars than when I thought he was doing it before. Having gone through the teething pain and fussiness of the 2 year molars with one kid I hesitate to encourage weaning before then as you'll still be up with a fussy babe.
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    thanks, marielle. i appreciate the knowledge. i don't know what i'd do to calm him sometimes if we didn't have the option of the boob. it's such a comfort for these little dudes.
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    I weaned at 25 months. No reason to stop at a year if you don't want to. As for weaning before he knows he is missing it, since he is so into it, he will know that he is missing it now. Obviously he really needs it now. I don't think he is starving, I am betting it is developmental, molars or somehting else going on.

    At around 16 months Ben went suddenly from almost no interest in nursing to being a boob junkie. It passed after several months. When he was 2, he was nursing only before bed. The day I had enough and wanted to wean, he asked for milk and I told him that it was 'all gone' and he accepted that. So it is possible to nurse past one and then wean without angst.

    Every kid is different and you know yours better than anyone else. So do what is right for you.
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    thanks, geeky.
    i've decided that it's not weird for me to keep nursing, and if people are going to make comments, we'll just keep our routines to ourselves.
    owen WILL miss it. he's gotten to the point where he's figured out if he lifts my shirt he's that much closer, and starts giggling about being near the boobies. :roll: it's hard enough hiding them away when he bites, i can't imagine hiding them away all the time!
    so we'll nurse until he's done. and i'm sure he'll let me know when!
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    Tell people the World Health Organization recommends nursing until at LEAST two years old.
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    Thanks for this thread. Marley is almost 18 months and still nurses thru the night, and for whatever reason any other time. She is always trying to get in my shirt! It's good to know that the 2 year molars are a landmark to look forward to! And I am sure she will get them earlier than that.
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    I am so glad that you are doing so well in nursing your "mewling"

    I am proud to say that I have 9 years worth of breastfeeding experience :)
    First baby about one year but then was already pregnant with second, he went on the bottle because he did not like the taste anymore..
    My daughter nursed for 4 years.
    6 years after her the youngest baby nursed for 4 years.
    So, I would not change this experience for the world.
    We are still very close and they are in their 20's now.
    I was happy to be a stay at home mum, but I realise things have changed.
    Do your best and listen to your heart.
    Nobody has to know every detail about your close relationship with your kids.
    Suddenly one day the baby doesn't want to nurse anymore and that is it.
    I felt quite mournful :)
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    Oh, about teething...
    Yes, it is quite a shock when the baby bites down on your poor breast the first time but then you are forewarned.
    I instinctively pulled baby close to my breast and he let go. It's like a hug but it helps to release his grip and he pulls back to take a deep breath and looks at you and might even grin. Then if it happens again I would go ouch and he would release and slowly drag said nipple through his teeth and seem to get the point that it is not done.
    Maybe give him something else to chew and then go back to nursing.. It is a very subtle thing, I know..don't give up :)

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