Are You Sealing Your Strands Before Twisting Your Twist-Outs?

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I'm currently transitioning and it's been a month so far. Well, classes are starting back in 2 weeks and i want to do twist outs for the rest of the semester. I hear that some recommend that you seal your ends when doing twist/braid outs; is that after you applied your curl product or when you take down the twists in the morning?


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    I seal my ends before I do a twist out. I spritz my hair with lightly spritz my hair with water to take off the perm rods. Then I use a moisturizer (hair milk or lotion) to take down the twists. Hope this helps.
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    If I do twists then they stay in for at least a week (too much effort to be taking my hair right back down).
    I do moisturize & seal my ends before I take them out; however, I have a cousin that's been natural for three years that's discovered doing that causes too much breakage for her hair.

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    I apply my leave in then when i section my hair to do each twist I seal.. then twist. My hair is usually oily the next day so i dont add any more oil before I remove them
    i also dont take the twists down till my hair is fully dry and dont add any water based products from that point on because that will make my hair will frizz and lose definition.
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    I seal from root to tip, I find my that my hair stays softer, in twists an the resulting twistout. I use a butter, I like the added smoothness from the weight, after applying my leave in, and before my styler. I love avocado butter, but get good results from pretty much any butter blend as well. I know what you mean about classes, I live in twists an twistouts, they made things do much easier.

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    I seal my hair before doing my twist out. I always twist on damp hair, add my shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie then seal with a mixture of coconut and sweet almond oil or coconut and castor oil.
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    I don't seal per say because oils make my hair greasy crunchy and dry plus knotty. I was using raw mango butter which was great, but i ran out and just haven't bought anymore. Have me a lot of build up on my scalp though :/. I just use conditioner and have started experimenting with stylers.