3B long do you think it will take?!

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I've been getting the yuko straightening for about 6 years now and I've FINALLY made the decision to grow it out. I have very curly 3B hair and have been transitioning for 7 months now. I'm trying to get an idea of how long it will take me--I just want it over with!!

I'm getting the brazillian keratin treatments to help me transition because my roots are so insane and it's a good temporary system, so it's not as miserable as it could be (thank goodness) but I still just CANNOT WAIT for my curls to be back!!

Anyone have any experience transitioning as a 3B curly?? Most people on this forum seem to be 4a-c, so I assume that will be a different transitioning approach and length of time. Any advice or support would be appreciated, too :) :occasion9:
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    I'm a 3b and I've been transitioning (for a second time) for about 3 months. I've brought most of my curl back from heat straightening through the CG method and haven't done any chemical straightening for 5 years. It took me about two years to grow my hair to bra-strap length curly from my last relaxer, and I did a long term transition (meaning I didn't do a big chop). It really depends on how long you want your hair to grow, and also the rate at which your hair grows. Most curly hair grows about 1/2 an inch to an inch in a month (mine grows an inch a month).

    The most important thing is regaining the health of your hair, and you'll find length will come as a result of that :) You will have to be patient, transitioning is no easy feat. But I think the end result is worth it :D
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    Omg thank you!! That is so reassuring haha 2 years for bra-strap length is manageable. I'm hoping to be able to do a shoulder-length chop after a year or so and then just attempt to grow it longer with the whole curly thing to get it long and curly again. My hair seems to grow very fast though, which is good! Possibly about an inch a month too. And I'm taking biotin supplements to help that along hopefully.

    Thanks for responding!
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    No problem, good luck!
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    My hair is about 3A right now with some 3B in the under layer around the nape. I only ever did Brazilian Keratin and along with consistent flat iron took me down to around 2A/2B even after it wore off. I wore a lot of pony tails while it was growing out and did a big chop about 6 months down the road. I am about 2 years past my last keratin treatment but I was still ironing a lot so I just took about 4 inches off and am swearing off the ironing for good. So over the course of 2 years it went from chin length to about brastrap length and now it falls to my shoulders when wet but bounces up when dry.
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    I will say 1 to 2 years.

    All the relax was out of my hair within 6 months (after the 6 months I did a big chop), but after that it took me 1 to 2 years for my hair to actually style the way I liked it. So it is not really a part of the transition, but I just needed to find the right way to style it
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    The Kertain can mess up tour curl pattern I saw someone go from 3b/c to 2b only 2 treatments, and i have a mix 3b/c and it took me 15 months months to get to sholder length curly/ and bra strap straight. I cut my heat damage at the end of the 15 months. But since I'm mostly 3 b at the back I didn't lose any length.

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    Hi, i think my hair type is 3b, i dont quite remember when was the last time i relaxed my hair, but i know it has been over 6mo. Is so hard, the worst part is not dealing with my hair but dealing with the critics. Im from dominican republic and if ur hair is not straight u dont look good. I know at the end i will have beautiful long hair, but now is not. The problem is i tried to chop it all, but after she made 3 cuts on the back i told her to stop, i had a nice hair cut but for straight hair. I stoped going to the salon cuz i dint want to mess up my curls using the flat iron all the time. I cannot do my hair n a nice pony tale cuz the bottom of my hair still to short. But im trying to work it out. I dont want to use flat irons, but i still cannot wear it curly cuz i still have relaxed ends that it wont curl at all. I am waiting a couple of month to finally chop it all. Im inllove with my curls, so i cant wait to have long nice hair again like when i was a little girl. What i need is advise on how to deal with the critics, my brother didnt took me to my niece birthday party cuz i didnt want to get my hair straight. Do u get the picture?
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    Yeah, I'd avoid any more BKT and make flat-ironing either a thing of the past, or rarely do it. If you really want to embrace your natural curls, best to be into it 100% so you'll have the best curls possible as your hair grows out.

    Eons ago I used chemical relaxers. When I gave that up, I recall the transition being VERY uneventful. Probably because the relaxers never completely straightened my curls anyway ... So really I just went from wavy to curly. It was actually easier to deal with curly cause I could just let it do its own thing.

    Everyone's growth rate is so different. There are pros and cons to slow and fast rates of growth. Mine grows freakishly fast, annoyingly so. I end up paying extra for upkeep of cuts, and blow through lots of product each year. Expensive :angry5: But if I get a BAD cut, it grows out fast. That's the upshot. But slower growing hair means you can hang out with one style and really have time to enjoy it! You spend less $$ on product too. But if you get a bad cut, you have to be patient about growing it out.

    If your hair takes a while to get longer, that should leave you with plenty of time to fuss around and learn what does and doesn't work for your hair, so that by the time it's long it's looking really healthy and wonderful :D
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    I'm a 3B curly transitioning from the Yuko system too! I've been getting it straightened that way for YEARS. So far I've been transitioning about a year and think it'll take another year for all my curls to come through completely and be around bra-strap length (and which point I will cut off any remaining straight ends - I'm not a 'big chop' person).

    I would say that you should stop using the BKT and avoid heat completely. What I do is just braid my hair at night into two pigtails so I can get a 'curly look' while I'm waiting for the rest of my hair to grow out and don't damage my hair or need to use heat :) It also makes the whole process a lot easier and lets me get used to managing curly hair.

    Remember using any chemicals/straightening treatments on your hair is damaging and won't help your transitioning journey at all. Heat and chemicals both can alter the structure of your hair and really affect your curls.
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    I damaged my hair from straightening when it was WET in July 2012 (I was in a rush), so it's been almost over a year and I can the new curly hair growth is just a bit below my ears. So yea like everyone is saying, in about 2 years you should have shoulder length curls. Sounds like ages but it's really not.. That 1 year flew by and so will this year. Good luck btw :) :)
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    three or four years before it's a length you're comfortable with