Leave in recipes without heavy humectants (avoiding glycerin!)

LovemybabyLovemybaby Posts: 234Registered Users
In search of homeade leave ins, without glycerins! Plz help, i desperately need a leave in, but without alot of humectants

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  • anonymous_150263anonymous_150263 Posts: 773Registered Users
    I'm interested in this as well.
  • BeBeautyAshleyBeBeautyAshley Posts: 11Registered Users
    This isn't really a recipe, but I use 100% PURE Argan Oil as a leave in on my hair (if you can find Extra Virgin Argan Oil or EVAO even better). After washing it, I gently pat it with my towel to avoid tangles and breakage, comb it and apply it from roots to tips. I comb it again and use my fingers to make soft waves or curls, let it air dry and it always looks great! I have no split ends and I'm frizz free (which is a feat in Puerto Rican humidity!). Hope this helps!

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