Best hair day so far

I didn't realize how dry my hair has been until I tried some new products today. I went to Sally's to get some GVP CB and wound up buying AIA coconut cowash, too (and got a free GVP tea tree body soap bar for buying the CB, just in case anyone has been considering going to Sally's lately lol).

I cowashed with the AIA and used the CB as a rinse out (let it sit for about 5 mins before rinsing). Instead of a leave in, I used my 2nd day spray (water + TN + lavender oil) pretty liberally. I then used some SM curling soufflé, which really brought out my curls but caused a little frizzing (I have a love/hate with SM products because this always seems to happen). So with my hair damp, I added some LALSG, which knocked out almost all of the frizz. My hair dried with some really pretty waves and Here's a pic: null_zpsd9f79914.jpg

Not as good as some of the gorgeous photos I've seen on here, but this is definitely my best hair day since going CG! I'm hoping I can replicate this the next time I wash.
Fine - dense - normal porosity - normal elasticity - BSL - dye free - 2cish

Loving AIA coconut cowash, goats milk soap bars, GVP conditioning balm, KCKT, Marie Dean styling creams, LALSG, coconut oil, SM milk