Am I 3B?

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  • Rainforest1Rainforest1 Posts: 19Registered Users
    Beautiful... :)

    It looks like 3A botticelli to me...
    3B from front hairline to crown--3A-2B in back and sides.
  • love yourself firstlove yourself first Posts: 5,398Registered Users
    I agree with Rainforest, although with the right hair products and techniques, you could probably get more of a 3a/b or even full on 3b effect.

    Lovely curls and color :)
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  • -curly-claire--curly-claire- Posts: 127Registered Users
    Thank you :) , my curls were kinda thin that day.
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  • LadydncingLadydncing Posts: 964Registered Users
    I'd say 3a/b and beautiful! 8)
    3b/c CG routine
    HG line DevaCurl
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  • GrecianCurlsGrecianCurls Posts: 256Registered Users
    WOW!! beautiful curls!!
    fine 3b curls and spirals - first goal BSL!!

    HG's - Body Shop Honey shampoo & conditioner and Shea Moisture leave-in condish which gives me lovely frizz-free bouncy curls. My PJ is calling me to experiment with gels again... argh!
  • -curly-claire--curly-claire- Posts: 127Registered Users
    Thank you everyone lol, ill just switch from 3a to 3b threads :)
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  • holly8holly8 Posts: 632Registered Users
    Beautiful hair :D it looks like 3a/3b
    Natural since Jan 2,07
    I did a BC
    Hair type:3C\3B
    Multi-racial hair
    Hair length:Started at neck and ears(in its curly state).In Dec 08 (2 years natural) My hair was somewhere near armpit length with bentonite clay in my hair.

    Mission: to obtain healthy hair every day!!

    Hair products:homemade products.....

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    Your hair is gorgeous, and no frizz! Looks like mostly 3A.
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  • tsjmomtsjmom Posts: 85Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Your hair is what I aspire to have!
    3a, fine, highlighted, BSL. HGs so far: GF C&S leave in (d/c), Aussie Tizz No Frizz gel, honey, ACV, CK. Searching for a leave in curl cream to replace GF.
  • RaindiamondsRaindiamonds Posts: 218Registered Users
    Looks like 3a and 3b
    Very beautiful hair
    My hair is naturally curly,very long thick corkscrew curls that are 3Braindiamonds.gif
    will add more curl pics soon,thx
  • Jillio89Jillio89 Posts: 21Registered Users
    I love your hair!
  • -curly-claire--curly-claire- Posts: 127Registered Users
    Wow my thread is still at the top! *Proud* anyway what I wanted to know is what is botticelli?
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  • katethegreatkatethegreat Posts: 801Registered Users
    I'd say definitely mostly 3a

    You hair looks a lot like mine did before I cut it.
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  • Jillio89Jillio89 Posts: 21Registered Users
    Your curls are so beautiful and I love the color. If I ever got highlights I would want my hair to look as healthy and great as yours. I'm so jealous of your hair! :(

    <----to scared for highlights because of the dark brown hair, last time i was going to do highlights they wanted to bleach my hair. I don't think so.
  • -curly-claire--curly-claire- Posts: 127Registered Users
    I have highlights put through but the hairdresser said if she put small thin lighter blonde streaks through it would look more natural which it does!
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  • fluffywonderdoodlefluffywonderdoodle Posts: 316Registered Users
    Ahhh wow, I checked out your fotki and I LOVE your hair! What is your routine? Please share! :P
  • asleep to audioasleep to audio Posts: 2,085Registered Users
    :shock: Your hair is unbelievably gorgeous. It looks 3A to me, maybe with a strand or two of 2C - but just a bit. What's your pw for your fotki? I'm dying to see more of your hair dream of how amazing it would be if my hair compared to yours. And I second fluffywonderdoodle - WHAT'S YOUR ROUTINE?! :D

    CoN green, HE hello hydration, burt's bees super shiny condish, & KCCC.

    mostly 3b, mod CG

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  • -curly-claire--curly-claire- Posts: 127Registered Users
    Oo thanks guys! Well I tried this summer routine this week and it was great! Here goes..

    Ok so I finally decided on an occasional sulphate wash (Herbal Essences) because I've decided to use Frizz Ease Curl Controlling Gel instead of Umberto Gianini because in summer it dries my hair too much. So I rinsed my hair using honey, Aussie 3MM and Pantene proV condish. I raked it through and when it was like seaweed I scrunched it and rinsed out with cold and added abit 3MM as a leave in. I raked through the Frizz Ease Gel (quite thick). I then put Boots Curl Creme-loves my hair! And a tint bit of Trevor Sorbie for UV protection, smell and curls! I flipped my head and left it for around 5 mins. I then twisted my frizzy hairs and scrunched the rest for longer than usual. I diffused on lowest setting each section 3 mins. I did this twice. My hair had quite abit of halo frizz so put a small amount of Trevor Sorbie on the canopy and left to air dry. Oh and not always diffused.

    In winter I use Halos n Horns shampoo same method but with Umberto Gianini Gel and no Trevor Sorbie but Toni & Guy Twist It Curl Balm and sometimes diffused.

    Long post!

    Oo pass is curly
    Pass: curly

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