Hellish salon experience still haunting me :sad5:

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Hey curly peeps,

I posted in June shortly after I'd had the mother of all nightmarish salon experiences with a stylist who went insane with a razor on my super fine long, wavy hair. ( it was in really nice condition, too :sad: )
She didn't ask me or tell me what she was doing, and at the time I had NO IDEA about razors or what kind of disaster was about to unfold with my hair. When I got home that day and got a closer look at what she had done, I knew something had gone terribly wrong because I had an aura of frizz like I had never seen before on anyone in my life, except for maybe someone who had been sleeping under a bridge for several months. Before that, my hair was in really excellent condition and I think a lot of that was due to the fact that I had no layering at all, no "texturizing".

On top of that, she cut my hair several inches shorter on the left than on the right. Of course you're wondering, why the hell would anyone cut someone's hair like that? Good question. I certainly have never seen anyone walking around with hair above their shoulder on one side and 3 inches below their shoulder on the other. But guess who's sporting that exact look right now? :cyclopsani:
You see, I had made the mistake of telling this stylist that I had been growing out a section of my hair for the last 2 years -- a large-ish section above and behind my right ear that I had shaved off and had been wearing that way for about a year between 2010 and 2011. I started letting it grow out in March of 2011 and I was always able to hide this part of my hair whenever I wanted because my hair was about 20" long everywhere else and since it naturally parts down the middle I had plenty of long hair to cover it and no one could see what was underneath. After a couple of years of growing, it was finally getting down a little blow my ear and I was perfectly happy with the way things were. It looked very normal at this point.
Upon hearing that I had this shorter section of hair, the stylist mentioned something about "we have to incorporate the asymmetry" (yes, she said we "HAVE to") I was pretty confused at this, and kind of scared. I wasn't there for a total overhaul and an entirely new hairstyle. I voiced my concern and she immediately said "you need to trust me". I should have RUN then and there. But, I figured, "she's a pro, she'll give me something decent". There's no way I could have imagined the weirdness she left me with! She styled my hair in a way where I couldn't really tell how she had made the length so lopsided - until I got home and checked it out.

So my problem is twofold: I have hair that is shredded from top to bottom from the razor. It's coming out constantly and now it's breaking off in places about an inch from my scalp. It's fuzzy beyond belief and it's only getting worse. Then, I have the problem of hair that is just above my shoulder on the right side, and hair that is below my shoulder on the left. I have been wearing a ponytail for 2 months to hide this mess.

I also had some highlighting and tinting done during this salon visit, and that didn't turn out well, either, although by comparison it's definitely not the worst problem I have right now.

Although I've had cuts and colors that I haven't been super thrilled with, I'v e never felt the need to complain to the stylist or the salon before. I mean, this woman really should have known better than to razor my kind of hair hair into frizz in the first place. At the very least, I feel like it was her responsibility to have INFORMED me of her plans, told me that there was potential for damage, and given me a choice before doing something so risky for the health of my hair, and also given me a clear picture of the overall "look" she was going for with the lopsided thing. I mean, that's not something you just DO to someone without asking if it's OK? Right? Am I right?

My biggest concern when going in that day was keeping the health of my hair intact and keeping most of the length, and of course it turned out to basically be a worst case scenario for that. It just figures.
It's gonna take me years to get it back to where it was.

I told her politely the next day how I felt via email and she ignored me. I waited a week and called the salon and told them that I would like someone else (not the original stylist) to do something with the color, because that was something that probably could have at least been made to look a little better. I was told that the stylists all rent space there and that my stylist would have to be the one to work with me on this. A couple of hours later, my stylist called and left a message that sounded all dumbstruck "oh, gosh, what's wrong?"
What a phony. She obviously only called because she felt pressured to.
She obviously didn't actually give a damn about my concerns because she ignored me for the previous week. I wouldn't have trusted her enough to go back to her even if she had shown some concern right away, because she clearly has poor judgement, but somebody please tell me what good could POSSIBLY come out of going back to a stylist who is only bothering to offer to "fix" something because now the salon knows that she's got an unhappy client?

So I figured since she can't "fix" this garbage, that I'm going to ask for my money back. Why should I have to pay to have someone ruin the health of my hair to the point that I really should just cut it all off? It's not going to get longer in this condition. If I took a dress to the cleaners and they ripped holes in it, would they ask me to pay for that service? Probably not! So why should it be any different with HAIR?

I asked 3 times. I sent photos. I emailed the salon owner - I sent him photos - everything was ignored.

I tried going through my debit card to get my money back, but apparently they will not back me up since it was an authorized transaction.

I have now opened a case with the BBB. I have never done anything like this before, but I think it's really unfair to leave someone with hair in this condition and think it's perfectly fine and ignore them.

I guess I just feel really awkward about all of this - I hate complaining. But this is just so AWFUL! It's not something I can just forget about!

Anyone else ever asked for a refund from a stylist?


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    I have not asked for a refund, but I have expressed unhappiness. It never got resolved; I simply quit using that stylist.

    I think you're doing the right thing, although I'm very sorry you're going through this.
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    Oh my God, how awful. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. You should definitely follow through with the BBB. Despite the fact that the stylists rent a space, that salon needs to take some responsibility for hiring that person and placing them in their salon. I really don't think that just because this person may be an independent contractor that salon gets to wash their hands of the situation. Have you gone on Yelp? I sometimes take the reviews on Yelp with a grain of salt but I've heard from a lot of people that if you write a bad review on Yelp a lot of times the owner will contact you because it looks really bad for the business. Good luck in your quest for justice!!

    I have a cut tomorrow, now I'm really nervous :sad11:

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    I'm so sorry to hear that! That's why I cut my own hair.

    But I also had a bad experience with a stylist. I went to get my hair straightened with my sister and... my gosh. She burned my hair! :angry7: Never again. It's not as bad as yours, but apparently my dad thought it was good *facepalm*

    I don't know if this is crazy, but you should warn others from going there.
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    Im really sorry for your experience... I know how you feel with the whole razor cut (it happened to me not once .... but a few times actually)

    I second the yelp review... I've seen owners responding to complaints more quickly when they are posted on yelp.

    I am terrified to go for a cut after my experience 1-1/2 years ago when i went for a trim and ended up with super layered chin length hair (I had at least BSL hair)... Now I trim my hair....

    Good luck with everything
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    Yeah and not just a review on Yelp. Go to a bunch of review sites and tell your story. Really get the word out. Getting your story out there is probably the next best thing to actually collecting damages legally.

    Your review also warns others about that stylist.

    So sorry about this situation. I'm betting this nightmare will be behind you faster than you think :)
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    Thank you all so much for your responses. I'm going to find the photos I have and post them soon.

    You won't believe this haircut LOL! (trying to see the humor in having lopsided hair...)

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