Can I Get A Pixie Cut?

I am FED UP with my hair. It's always either poofy or stringy, no matter what product, method, etc. I use! I want to cut it off... But can I even do a pixie cut with my hair? I don't want a fro... Here are my hair's properties, plus a picture of my hair and pictures of the cuts I like.


Type: 2C-3A
Width: Med-coarse
Porosity: Low
Density: Medium

PICS BELOW! (First two are pics of my hair)

PLEASE reply! Thank you! :angel12:
Type: 2C-3A
Porosity: Low
Width: Medium
Length: Shoulders
Density: Medium

Co-wash: Suave Naturals
Rinse-out: HEHH, Tresemme Naturals
Gels: LA Looks Polish Perfect, HESMU
Mousse: HESMU, HETMS, Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam
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    Lunablue, your hair reminds me a lot of my own but I have fine texture. My hair was always frizzy with more waves than actual curls. Then I found the frizz forecast...helped a bunch! Then I found protein and have been in heaven!

    I recently cut my Bra strap length 2c/3a hair to a slightly longer than chin length bob. So far I love it!

    I say go for the cut! /shrug, maybe change is just what you need. Take a chance, if it doesn't work out then you know not to cut it that way again. =)
    2C/3A Fine, Normal Elasticity, & Normal Porosity.