MY hair WON'T let WATER IN!

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I don't know what's wrong with my hair... my hair is 3bc4a and it usually is VERY droopy and receptive when wet underneath the showerhead... but now it feels and looks as if it's not even wet when i put water on it. I don't know what happened... but my hair is very dry and the curls appear to be very frizzy, broken up, brittle, etc. I cannot remember my regimen that i used to WHAT SHOULD I DO?
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    I think the reason could be that your washing your hair too much during winter i don`t know if its cold where you are but its frezzing here i made the mistake of washing my hair alot when i became natural a month ago,i thought that i was supoose to wash it like this ,my hair was great for that week but after it continue to get dryer that is why i have weave on my head now,no good hair products was giving me the results like it did before like [buylink=]milkshake[/buylink] because i was drying out my hair,i went outside

    with my head half wet in a hat which was crazy and i was sneezing alot :lol: ,a young gril died this month i think close to my area when she went outside of her house and hit her head on the ground no one knew that she was there and she froze in 5 minutes that is how cold it is here.In the summer it can be so hot.Maybe braiding your hair in big plaits and taking it out at the end of the week would give your head a rest,i also felt as if water wasn`t getting in anymore.Hope you get more responce.
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    Sorry to hear about this....what products and styling have you been doing lately? My hair reacted like this after using a very drying shampoo (Aubrey). I would suggest doing a hot oil pre-poo with vegetable oil..whenever my hair starts feeling funny I do this treatment before my protein/moisture treatments and my hair feels normal again. Follow up with deep moisturizing treatments such a misskeys 10 en1/kenra mc(or any thick hydrating conditioner)mixed with coconut milk, honey, and olive oil. Leave the mixture on overnight and rinse in the morning. HTH :)
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    it could also be buildup...try to clarify your hair the next time you shampoo.
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    it could also be buildup...try to clarify your hair the next time you shampoo.

    ITA, Sounds like buildup. What products are you using?
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    i really don't have a routine.... i just use whatever's there cause i don't have much time or money to be looking for products. when i first transitioned... my hair was perfect and it was growing... now i don't think so. but...i use creme of nature shampoo, elasta qp dpr-11 conditioner (deep conditioner), african essence pink gel, coconut oil.... i really don't remember what i used to do. i have changed my routine too many times and now my hair looks like a frizzy mop, so i just flat iron my hair... i know... its not a solution, but it helps. and also, does anyone else experience weird shrinkage after hair cuts?? my hair is also doing this in addition to "not accepting" water. and i don't think i've been using any drying shampoos. i don't know about buildup... maybe i should clarify?
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    it needs a good washing....
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    I found that when I used Elasta qp dpr-11 conditioner my hair got frizzy, then I realised that it has Dimethicone and Cream of Nature Shampoo does not remove it. Only a sulphate shampoo would remove it. That could be why your hair is so coated. I do not know anything about hte other products that you are using.
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