Should I comb or not?

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I was wondering whether I should comb or not. I generally wash my hair in the morning, finger-comb at night and plait it, then wear it up for the second day before finger-combing and plaiting that night and washing the following morning. After all that, its really tangly with a few knots. Whilst washing, I comb it with shampoo in then comb it with conditioner in. I'm not sure if comb is making my hair look bad or break or anything but I think it could be worsening the condition of my hair. If so, what do I do?

Do I just finger-comb in the shower?


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    I wouldn't comb with shampoo in or when dry. Personally, I only comb when my hair is saturated with conditioner in the shower and I use a very wide toothed comb.
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    A wide tooth comb shouldn't be problematic. Sometimes I can comb with shampoo in. It just depends. Normally I leave my hair tangled while I shampoo, I don't run my fingers through it, I just massage my scalp, and then I detangle when I add conditioner.
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    Agree don't comb with shampoo in, hair is vulnerable when wet and shampoo is not slippy enough. Try giving your hair a really thorough rinse before washing that can 'reactivate' the fatty alcohols and cationic surfactants in your leave in conditioner giving some slip for the tangles. Then either condition-wash-condition, or conditioner only wash, or scalp wash then finger detangle once you have the conditioner on.
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