How to get my curls back ?

NathalisNathalis Posts: 3Registered Users
Hey so I have 3b curls and I dyed my hair three times in two weeks and now some of my curls are straight on the bottom and on the sides of my hair, is there a way to get my curls back ?

Please help ASAP


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    Is your hair fine or medium or coarse? After three dyes we can bet its become porous to some degree. Do you use ANY heat on your hair? And what products do you use?
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    My hair is medium and I put heat on my hair two times after I dyed my hair and I started to notice that my curls was going away so I stopped so now I use oil and leave in conditioners to help them get healthy again and once in a blue I put a treatment in my hair like Mayonnaise, eggs, and olive oil but it still straight at the bottom.

    Please help !!
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    Your going to think iam weird but try vinegar! Spray it in your hair and leave it in until you don't smell it anymore. It stinks but it works I promise. And then after rinse out and condition and let that sit , let me know how this works if you do it
    Sincerly yours,
    Jalissa <3
  • jaybabeex3jaybabeex3 Posts: 192Registered Users
    Your curls should come back
    Sincerly yours,
    Jalissa <3
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    Also try a protein deep conditioner like IEC from Sally's or do your own concoction again.
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    Unfortunately, hair is dead and cannot repair itself. Protein should help with the porosity and filling in the gaps, but once hair is damaged, there is little you can do to repair it, and it will never recover fully. Cutting off your damaged ends is the best way to get your curls back and allow your hair to regain the length you lost fairly quickly. Good luck! :icon_smile:
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