How to Keep Pixiecut Short Hair Straight without heat?

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Hey everyone!

I'm Sam and in a few days I'm going to the hairdresser to cut off all of my dead hair. Which is practically all of it. I will probably have a pixiecut hairstyle when he's done with me. I have a question I hope you all will be able to help me with :). I want to achieve a straight haired look with this pixie cut without the use of heat or flat irons, is this possible? (I've destroyed my hair with heat previously even with using heat protectants) I have about 3b/3c curly hair.

Thanks for your time :D



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    If u put coconut oil in your hair and sleep with a hat on overnight, it will naturally straighten your hair!! I have the same hair type and it works on a really short pixie.
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    Hey Guys, I am new here on Naturally Curly. I want to start a discussion about my hair type that has change a bit recently. I hope you can help me. I am a guy who always had straight hair, but in the last few years, my left half of my hair has been becoming wavy, it's frustrating as I normally comb my hair back. Before, I would use any type of gel and my hair would hold. Now,I have to use way too much gel to force it to stay in place, and some times, that does not work, because my hair starts to curl before the gel dries. I have eaten the same food my entire life, I switched to natural shampoos and I don't wash it everyday. Any ideas as to why it's happening and more important how to make it straight
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    Hello, @fcoflores. Sometimes hormonal changes can make hair texture change. Some medications can also affect hair texture. And sometimes just taking better care of your hair (not stripping it with harsh shampoos) can cause existing curl to surface. I always thought that I had straight hair until I started taking better care of it (washing it less frequently and with gentle shampoos). Then I discovered I actually had a lot of wave. If you want to make your hair straight, you could try a couple of things. The first option is to use a round brush and blow dry your hair straight. There are numerous YouTube videos on how to do this. The second option is to use a flat iron on your hair. If you use a flat iron, I would buy some heat protectant and spray that on your hair first, because flat irons can be very damaging to hair. Also make sure that your hair is completely dry before you use the flat iron. Flat ironing wet hair can cause permanent damage, because it will literally cause the water in your hair to boil, which destroys the hair from the inside out. Maybe it would be fun to try to work with your natural texture instead of fight it?
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