Product buildup...I think

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I'm naughty on the fingertip scrubbing thing. I just can't figure out how to do it, maybe my nails are too long?? I've tried a scalp brush, but it tends to wander off (kids play with it), never there when I need it.

My scalp feels fine. Not itchy, seemed normal. Then, I came up with the bright idea to use a picky comb in the shower, when conditioning it. I had started to worry about build up, esp since I am using a styling product with an a-cone in it (gasp! but I seriously love Potion 9 from Sebastian). I have dry skin naturally, and have ditched sulphate shampoos. I do use occasionally a sulphate free clarifying shampoo from Live Clean.

Since using the sharp comb, I have spotted flakes on the crown of my head. I took a good look tonight, and discovered that it is only on the crown, mainly the top of my head. I can scratch scalp and dislodge yucky stuff. But the scalp on the sides of my head seems fine.

If this is product buildup, can I continue with my beloved a-cone containing product, and still stay sulphate free? Could it be my conditioners that are causing build up?

If it is dry scalp, perhaps applying coconut oil or something like that to the affected areas would help?
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    Have you seen your family doctor or a dermatologist for a formal diagnosis? Without that any DIY treatment could worsen the problem rather than resolve it - dermatitis of the scalp is more common than xerosis.

    It would be wise to stop damaging your skin barrier with sharp or scratchy objects, this can trigger or worsen scalp problems. If the scalp brush is super gentle maybe attach it to a string so it cannot leave the bathroom?

    I cleanse my scalp upside down so I have better access, then finger comb along my scalp from the hairline towards the centre with the pads, alternate hands repeatedly..
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