growing hair?!

I had hair to my armpits bit then I had a hair cut and the stylist cut it to my collar bone, I asked for layers but there really thick and my hair looks like a christmas tree. To take the attention away from the cut I dyed my ends lighter on the same day. I really want to grow my hair, my goal is waist length in 3 years but my hair grows slowly even though I do everything I can to keep it healthy. After todays setback does anyone have any tips for growing hair? Thanks.


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    Tips for a healthy, faster hair growth:

    - drink lots of water! (very recommendable for general health too, I feel just so much better since banning juices and soft drinks out of my house. All I drink besides water is some milk in the morning)
    - eat healthily and varied, make sure you get a lot of proteins too (more than 95% of the hair consists of a protein named keratin. Protein is the building stone for your hair).
    - take vitamins/supplements
    - Massage your scalp to increase blood circulation
    - massage your scalp with warm Jamaican Black Castor Oil (mixed with carrier oil) (if it's warm it's absorbed better). Jamaican Black castor oil has GREATLY improved the speed of my hairgrowth, it's amazing... (went from 0.4 inch a month to more than a full inch a month :)) Other people have also experienced great hair growth benefits from this oil.

    Of course, it's also important to prevent splits and breakage, then you won't have to cut your hair often and you'll reach your goal faster. And your hair will look better of course ;)

    Tips for preventing split ends:
    - Do not use sulfates or other ingredients that dry your hair out too often. Clarify only as needed.
    - Use a pre-poo before clarifying (can be either an oil, or a conditioner, whatever you like. You can put the oil in your hair the night before washing).
    - Do not use heat
    - Do not wear hoods, or rough fabric when you wear your hair down
    - Wear your hair up to protect it
    - Protect it from the sun
    - do not brush! Brushing is your enemy.
    - Use a wide tooth comb only when conditioner is in hair. Start detangling at the bottom of your hair to prevent too much pulling.
    - do not wear hair elastics with an iron part. This is damaging to your hair.
    - Seal your hair (I've had almost zero splits for the last 8 months thanks to sealing!!)
    - Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase (silk is better, but more expensive) or use a satin or silk sleep bonnet.

    Hope this helps!
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    I think these all tips are helpful in the growth of hair. Evieee, you must use these tips and these will really help you.