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Hello everyone!
I'm new here, but I've been researching as much as possible about the curly method these few months. I have low porosity/density fine hair from what I've read and I can't seem to find any products that my hair loves. I use lavender baking soda to cleanse once a week, Vo5 to co-wash, and a heavier conditioner (water-silicone) for my ends which are the driest. After washing, I apply jojoba oil to my ends and Shea Moisture thickening growth milk for thin hair, which sometimes leaves my hair feeling sticky and unpleasant. Every other product I've used weighed down my hair making it look flat and stringy, not like the light riglets I had before giving up shampoos. I haven't tried any type of gel, but since hearing such good things about it, I could try. Any tips would be much appreciated and helpful!!


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    Fine hair needs protein in the products. Shea is a humectant. Instead of using humectants, replace them with emolients & protein such as hudrolyzed proteins. That may explain why your hair looks stringy. Or it may be your hair type because type 4 hair can look stringy.
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    My hair is fine/low porosity, so some of the products in my signature may work well for you. My hair HATES baking soda. It leaves it like straw.

    I haven't been impressed with any of the SM products. The Coconut & Hibiscus line sits on my hair and has to be washed out. The few other things I used didn't impress me, so I don't have them anymore.

    I use what I term "jelly" products--gelatinous consistency without the chemicals, especially polyquats, that are in a lot of gels.
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