What Hair Type Would You Say I Am?

So, I'm a mixed girl. (Half black/Asian) Going natural. However, I can't seem to find something that exactly defines my hair type here. My hair is actually a combination, one half seems to be slightly looser (left side most noticable when my hair is wet. It doesn't shrink as much. But the curls are the same size. Here are some pictures to help define, but I'd say I was somewhre around 3b.

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So what would you say my hair type is? :tongue8: Thanks!


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    Your hair looks color treated. Do you also have a straightener? These can change curl pattern and sometimes porosity. I would also say 3b.

    More important than curl size is porosity and texture/size of the strand. Knowing if your hair is fine, medium or coarse will help you choose the right products with the best amount of protein and humectants. Porosity will help you also with product but also with how to apply product. Porosity describes how your hair absorbs and retain moisture. You can learn more about on the basics on NC, as well as

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    Thanks. I dyed my hair about 5-8 months ago, and it damaged and dryed it up a lot. I also used to straighten it about once or twice every week, but stopped straightening it also about 5-6 months ago. Now I'm trying to go natural, no heat product touches my hair because I'm trying to grow it out. I've had some success but now I'm thinking of not using hairbands anymore before I go to sleep because they get extremely tangled in the end of my hair and I end up acidentally pulling out about half to an inch of hair.
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    Your hair looks a lot like mine but I consider myself 3A with some 3B. Actually my curls are probably looser than yours considering your hair is color treated so I'd say 3B, too. I also have a looser (and thinner--less density) left side. Isn't it weird? Have you figured out your properties yet? Those are wayyyy more important than curl pattern.

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