Sleeping on braids? Waves+ curls turn prettier.

Wavy2CurlyWavy2Curly Registered Users Posts: 22
When I take a shower at night, I braid it after I dry it with a towel/shirt. After I sleep on it (it's one big braid), I unbraid it in the morning, and it actually looks good with big separate waves! But I don't know what to do after that :banghead:

So do I use gel or hairspray or something?? O__o
I want a cheap product cause I'm not rich. Something under 5 dollars? Worst case, only under 10 dollars please. Thanks!

Oh yeah, NOTHING that increases my volume. When dry, it goes out so much, it passes my shoulders making me look fat and even shorter than my 5'0" height. I have thick enough hair! :sleepy5:

*also going in type 2 forum*
2c - 3a hair
High Porosity
High Density
Coarse hair
Blasian: Japanese and African American

Wish list:
Put hair down with my shower hair!


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