Reapplying Texturizer?

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Hello All,

I need some curly expert advice on my boyfriend's hair! he has a mixture of 4B/4C hair all over and asked me to apply a texturizer to it about 3 weeks ago. I put the texturizer in before detangling his hair, which made it a lot harder to apply the product correctly. Afraid that I would completely straighten his hair and have him looking like the next Al Sharpton, I rinsed it out after about 5 minutes.
The product didnt take very well because of this, and now it looks as if we did anything to his hair at all (with the exception of a few looser curls in random spots). He wants me to try it again and work it through his hair better this time, but I know that chemically processing his hair twice could cause serious problems. He has pretty thick hair so it may be okay, but I need a second opinion!
What do you guys think?


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    IMO it is a bad idea. Just because the hair looks the same doesnt mean it is the same. Some people with texturizers will say their hair is natural becuase it still looks curly but it is not once bonds have been broken the hair is changed. These chemicals are supposed to be applied to new growth only or you run the risk of overprocessing and breakage. Also my hair is lopo which makes it chemical resistant. His hair may be the same way. My hairdressers always had to leave my relaxers in longer than rec which meant I got a lot of burns. If it were me I would cut it all off and get it done again when I had a few inches. That is just me. And I would have a barber do it. No offense.
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    I'd say wait a few months and detangle next time!

    Why not try a braid or twist out for him.

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