My transitioning/big chop journey

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So this is my first post, i've been wanting to share my curly story for years now because i always read everyone elses posts and they've helped me so much! i'm hoping my story will help others and also maybe make friends?

i'm 19, live in new england, and have been transitioning to natural hair since january 2012, and/or that's when i first BC'd my hair. I've only been completely natural (no hair dyes, and mostly organic products) for the past year, because i had a tough transition into losing the chemicals completely!

i have to say it has been SO WORTH the patience and dedication, and i don't ever imagine going back any time soon! I am most looking forward to seeing a full head of long all natural hair:love7:

this is my hair today

currently i would say my hair is between a 2c and 3a, but i would also like to say may hair is extremely temperamental and sensitive, which is a very accurate reflection of myself! my hair looks and acts totally different depending on 1) the weather/the season 2)the products i use 3)the styling and of course 4)how long it's been since i've washed it since my hair is so dry i definitely do not wash it every day.

this was my hair from my first big chop until now with straightened hair!

My first big chop was one of the best decisions i've made for my hair. It hasn't been easy, but it's taught me a ton of lessons truly. My hair had been so damaged, fried, over processed, on top of my naturally dry and porous hair, a bad combo for sure! I had dyed and bleached my hair for at least 4 years extremely frequently. It came to a point where i had no clue what my natural hair looked like, and the hair i had destroyed was so unmanageable it caused nothing but stress. for a few months i kept cutting it shorter and shorter, my friends all told me "don't cut your hair no! why would you i could never do that!" but in the end i knew what i had to do!!

I spent the year after that BC dying my hair blonde and then growing the blonde out and cutting it off as i realized i really had to quit the dye for good. Since then i've been reacquainted with my natural hair and we don't always get along but it's certainly never boring :)

I've done all my haircutting throughout this process myself?? So i know how uneven my hair actually is, but i can't help but hold on to as much of my hair as possible. I'm also very broke and DIY oriented. I'm very excited for my hair to get long enough for me to feel comfortable getting it cut though!! this time next year it will be twice as long and i have such high hopes for everything to fall into place along with my hair ^.^

I'll give some lists of things i found super helpful in my journey then i'm out ;)
1)Naturally!!! of course

- LUSH!!! i fell in LOVE with their organic products about 4 months ago at just the right time in my transition,
- CURLY WURLY coconut hydrating shampoo
+ R&B hair moisturizer saved my hair, but all their products are so superb
- shine bright split end sealer also
i highly recommend you find some lush that works for you!
huge plus everything smells amazing
- bed head dumb blonde & self absorbed conditioners!
- nexxus split end products are pretty cool

protective styling:
- bam-bam ponytails helped me trying to get to ponytail length
- getting creative with braids, pins, and clips!
- using as little to no heat as possible!
- when my hair was very short i liked to part and ponytail my whole head, i found it stimulating

- inversion (lay upside occasionally for blood flow~)
- give yourself a head/scalp massage!
- try scalp oils, biotin conditioners, hair growth butters
- vitamins!! any vitamins! but hair, skin, and nail vitamins actually do help AND they're good for you ;)
- occasional deep conditioning really helps naturally thirstyyy curls

- screw haters
- you need motivators
- your natural hair is beautiful because its yours alone! that can't be bought in a store or out of a box :3
- focus on your progress not your time to go!
- try to enjoy your hair as much as possible at the length it is, nothing lasts forever, you may miss your short hair one day!!

if this helped you or you cared thank you so much:love5:

FUN fact :P i got my curls and coloring from my Dominican father, if only i knew what he looked like!

i'm open to advice, conversation, and also to giving advice if anyone has questions! peace, love, and happy transitioning!!!

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