Deva/Curly Stylists in Central PA?

beautynthegeekbeautynthegeek Posts: 22Registered Users
I'm shopping for a curly hairdresser to visit before I head back up to college. The few I've found near me are:

Tim--Orbit Salon, Harrisburg

Amy Jo--Changes Salon & Day Spa, Mechanicsburg

Travis--Jenny's Salon, Camp Hill (not on the Salon Finder, but recommended by a curly acquaintance)

Anyone have any insight, thoughts, recommendations, suggestions? My hair has gotten very boring as it has grown out :sleepy2: I need a new cut and a new home for my curls.


  • Jennifer.SmiJennifer.Smi Posts: 17Registered Users
    Hi! I'm trying to find a curly stylist myself. I have never gone to Amy Jo at Changes, but I have gone to other stylists there and I had bad haircuts every time. Amy Jo might be an incredible stylist, but I'm very afraid to go there because of my other bad experiences. I did go to Travis once and he cut my hair fine with what he had to work with because I was growing out a bad cut. He is VERY nice and did not rush me through my cut at all. I wasn't styling my hair curly at the time so I can't comment on how he cuts curly hair. Did your friend tell you how he cuts curly hair? Does he cut it similar to a Deva cut...dry cutting and cutting the curls as opposed to a "typical" cut?

    If I hear of any other curly hair stylists I'll add them to this post.

    Hope this helps you just a little bit.

  • beautynthegeekbeautynthegeek Posts: 22Registered Users
    I read good reviews for Amy Jo, but bad reviews overall for Changes. Not sure I want to go there. About Travis, I was just told that worked at Devachan at one point, so I imagine he might cut hair dry? I don't know for sure. I've not made any phone calls. I have about two weeks before I head back to school, and none of these salons are what I'd call in our backyard, so I don't think a proper curly cut will be happening before then. I was thinking of just throwing in the towel and going to the salon I've always gone to (they're good... they just don't have anyone who specializes in curly hair, to my knowledge). My hair's grown out a lot, and it needs some fresh layers. Sigh.
  • Jennifer.SmiJennifer.Smi Posts: 17Registered Users
    I never knew Travis worked at Devachan before. I made an appointment with Travis for 8/31. I'll let you know how it goes. If it's great maybe you can make an appointment when you have a break from school. BTW, he charges $45 and does dry cuts. Oh, if you wanted to go there earlier, there was an opening this Thursday, 8/8. Maybe it's still available.
  • beautynthegeekbeautynthegeek Posts: 22Registered Users
    Awesome! Thanks in advance! Can't wait to hear how it goes :compress:

    It didn't say anything about Devachan on his staff profile on the website, but that's what I was told, anyway. I think I'm going to go back to the salon where I've always gone, just to get some layers back in my hair so it actually does something besides hang around my face. I've never had a bad cut from them. (I'm 2c, so my hair hangs more than it bounces... maybe that's why?) I was thinking of scheduling an appointment with the salon owner, who does my mom's hair, because he has curly hair, too. He wears it cut short, but it's something. I figured he'll understand curliness more ;-)

    Good luck with Travis. Also, do you know how far ahead Changes was scheduling for appointments? They said on their site that they offer consultations for new clients, aside from the actual cut.
  • Jennifer.SmiJennifer.Smi Posts: 17Registered Users

    I'm sorry, but I don't know how booked up Amy Jo is at Changes. I didn't ask when I called. I would imagine it would not be any more than a couple of weeks though.

    Whenever you get you hair cut I hope it looks fabulous!

  • beautynthegeekbeautynthegeek Posts: 22Registered Users
    Thanks :) As I said, I've never had a bad haircut from them, but it'll still be nerve-wracking.

    I just realized I put Changes... I meant Jenny's, where Travis works. Oops.
  • Jennifer.SmiJennifer.Smi Posts: 17Registered Users
    I would say that you would have to give it a few weeks to get in with Travis. Now, if your schedule is flexible he might have one or two in the afternoon during the week a week or so after you call. HTHS!
  • beautynthegeekbeautynthegeek Posts: 22Registered Users
    Got it. Good luck! :cheers:
  • LAwomanLAwoman Posts: 2,949Registered Users Curl Neophyte

    I see this is an old post, but I was researching good curly stylists in the central PA area and ran across it. I am semi-new to the area (after leaving Pa in 1996) after a long stint in Northern Va (and a FABULOUS hairstylist named Annette at Glyn Jones Salon in Alexandria, VA).

    In searching out Travis King (who seemed to be highly recommended) I saw that he was no longer at Jenny's salon but appears to have started his own salon in Camp Hill. There's no website - I found it on Facebook. When I googled the salon, I saw a Groupon special for up to 71% off services! Now, making an apt with him is not easy, as I guess he has a pretty loyal client base, so I've had to book one for 2 months out. But I paid $39 through Groupon for a cut, color, condition and blowout--pretty sweet!

    I'll have to wait until early January to actually review the cut and color, but just wanted to give a heads up on the Groupon offer in case anybody in the area was interested. :)
  • PATRICIA_BPATRICIA_B Posts: 37Registered Users
    @ beautynthegeek!! I've seek out a great place for your new hair cut. If you interested you can visit Franklyn Studio. They provide hair cut and styling services, and also they've great price range as well. You can find them at this address: 97 North 36th Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011.

  • beautynthegeekbeautynthegeek Posts: 22Registered Users

    Thanks for the suggestion! I found them on the MyDevaCurl website and actually went to them back in August. Kierstan gave me a great first Deva cut experience :) Wasn't too bad of a drive, either. I'll happily go back in the future.
  • JesssiktaJesssikta Posts: 1Registered Users
    Did you ever find a good salon to cut curly hair?
    I'm desperate because they either have bad reviews or none. Let me know if you found any. Thank you
  • Noelle.HulinNoelle.Hulin Posts: 1Registered Users
    I was looking for a friend, and recently found these two salons (should be linked): Hair Unlimited West in York, and 5th Avenue in Carlisle. They seem to both have good reviews. 5th Ave is pricey, but I have a feeling Hair Unlimited is less so (only just messaged them so not sure yet.)

    Both are DevaCut trained :)

    Hope this helps!!

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