BC Today!

AmberJAmberJ Registered Users Posts: 2
I am so super excited! I BC'd in '08, relaxed Sept. '12, and am going to BC again. I regretted the relaxer the second I did it :crybaby:.

I'm excited to go back to my hair...I'll have to actually learn to style it this time though.

I've got some As I Am products for styling, as well as my Eco gel.

I really hope this goes well. If not...well, it'll grow back!


  • caracara01caracara01 Registered Users Posts: 119
    Coily/low porosity/fine
    BC 08*14*09
  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Registered Users Posts: 1,834 Curl Neophyte
    Welcome and congrats! This is a great place for getting any support you may need along the way :occasion5:
  • KitathenaKitathena Registered Users Posts: 1,666 Curl Neophyte
    I hope your BC went well!!!
    My blogs: NewlyNatural.com
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  • tabbysuetabbysue Registered Users Posts: 122
    Congrats and good luck! I'm a lifetime BCer:)
    Shampoo: TJ Tea Tree Tingle (only to remove buildup)
    Co-wash/Detangler: Suave Naturals Conditioner
    Leave-in/Styler: Uncle Funky's Curly Magic
    2nd day refresher: Uncle Funky's Thirsty Curls
    Routine: Wash and Go
    Porosity: Normal-High
    Texture: Fine/Thin and Kinky

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