Anyone Has this type

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I found what my hair type is and i wanted to know if any one has the same type what is their regime or maybe suggestion of what i can try

a mixture of 4a/4b texture
high density
length is about 3.5 in middle 4 in front 4.5 in back and 3 on sides
Low PorosIty

so based on that any suggestions ?


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    Skdndj. I am also 4a/4b c: Sup?

    I virtually always have my hair in braid extensions (my tresses needa breathe, i know, i know) so I couldn't give you an accurate measurement on my hairs.

    I also don't have a regimen so maybe we can help one another out along the way.
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    So yeah.
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    hello there! I don't really know about porosity and all that stuff but my hair is 4aish (maybe some 4b?) with some 3c around the edges, thick and fine- not coarse at all. I'll update my signature and profile with a pic of me today. I just washed and combed it out in the shower so it's all clean and fluffy XD

    At the moment I'm using Hello Hydration by Herbal Essences for detangleing (why is that not considered a word?) and conditioning and Olive oil spray stuff I found- It makes my hair soft but my hair doesn't like to clump when I use this oil so I don't use it all that often. I think I"m going to try out other kids. My hair likes shea butter and coconut products and I love the smell so maybe that?

    I am still looking for a leave in but I think I"m just going to put some of my conditioner in a bottle and water it down.

    I shampoo with Olive oil (that's the name of the brand) and use it only on my roots when it needs it. I've been using the hair lotion too but it tends to leave build up. I'm still working on a solution to that; I'd prefer not to shampoo as often.

    I don't really have a regimen. I shampoo and detangle when I need to (sometimes I put it off but who doesn't? :laughing4:
    I don't like going long without putting some water on my hair (remind me to invest in a spray bottle. They constantly break on me)
    and I use a crapton of conditioner when detangleing and usually don't use gell though KCCC-Kinky Curly Curling Custard (it's famous around these parts :P) works wonderfully and is all natural. When wet it's like water but it defines like no other. Unfortunately it's kinda expensive so I don't buy it. I've used other gels too but that's by far the best one I've ever tried. I usually just go with a leave in that helps my curls clump.

    I have had it up a lot recently but I'm tired of pony's and they are hard on it. I prefer wearing it out anyway XD

    pics as of now


    3C/4A mix (Seriously it's all over the place)
    Hair is kinda fine and kinda thick.
    Super short, I'd like definition but styling products don't like me

    Profile pic taken the February 2015
    Chopped off (was shoulder length) November 2014