Pig Roast

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Has anyone done one? Was it easy enough to do?

We're thinking about doing one for my Moms birthday. I emailed a local place and told him would need to feed about 50. He sent this back, does it sound reasonable?

Our pig roast package with everything you will need for your feast is $367.72.
60 lbs pig, BBQ, serving tray, gloves, charcoal, lighter fluid, thermometer.
We require a $200 deposit on your CC at time of booking.
Thanks for your interest in our company.

Thoughts? Ideas? Would would you serve with it? Salads & corn??
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    Mmmm..... hawaiian macaroni salad. Or filipino food. I only add that last one because my ex's family did a pig for a birthday a few years ago. Delicious.

    I'm so jealous. Then again, I don't know enough people to justify having a pig. Maybe if I was in Mexico, but not here.
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    The one's I've been to, they served the same sides you'd find at most bbq's or summer parties. Some people do potlucks too.