How do I know if my hair is growing or breaking?

This is maybe a silly question, but I have a noticeable number of hairs about 2-3 inches long on the top of my head, and I am not sure if I am growing in new hairs, or the old hairs are breaking.

I think either is possible because the hair below is quite damaged due to dyeing (which might cause breakage), but on the other hand I have been eating a lot more protein the past few months and not dyed the new hairs (which might cause growing). I first noticed it after I tried a V05 hot oil treatment which made me worried that it made my hair break.

Any ideas?


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    It's not that easy to tell the cause unless the short hairs have split ends or you examine them under a microscope. Short hairs with a pointy end can denote breakage, can be that by previous rough handling you were pulling hair out by the roots, could be that your scalp is healthier and happier without hair dye or sulphate shampoo (both can increase shedding in susceptible people).

    Protein alone does not make hair grow unless you were in deficiency before which would mean your entire health was at risk. A balanced nutrient dense diet help hair grow - the body needs the full range of essential fatty acids, protein, minerals and vitamins for healthy skin and hair.

    If you want to do hot oils use coconut oil, it's the only one proven to reduce structural protein loss (damage) in colour damaged hair. Other ingredients beneficial for colour treated hair include hydrolysed protein, ceramides and panthenol. AFAIK a hot oil treatment won't make your hair break unless you treated your hair roughly whilst applying it or washing it off and your hair was too weak to be saved anyway.
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    I find you can tell by looking at the hairs on the floor or shower. When I flat ironed my hair all the time and it was breaking all the time, I had hair snow. Little short pieces of hair everywhere. This wasn't shedding or even me pulling at my hair too hard, the hairs where obviously split broken pieces ready to fall off at the first moment of manipulation.

    If you don't see these at all, I'm inclined to believe it's new growth.
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    I think I will take the optimistic route then and decide it is growing, in the absence of evidence to the contrary :)