Hello and questions about Deva Cuts!

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Just like most of you, my hair has always been fluffy, frizzy, flat on top and thick on the bottom. In high school my hair was straight with flipped out ends. I'm a fine wavy with very low porosity and am having trouble finding the balance between moisture and protein.

When I had very long hair #1, I used sulfates, silicones, brushing, and blowdrying every morning. I chopped it off because it felt like straw. I HATED my short hair #1- it wasn't anything like imagined! It was bulky and fluffy and it waved in all the wrong parts. I straightened it every day. But this was around the time I started using natural hair care products. When I look back at pictures of my hair as it was growing out, it looked shinier and healthier. It probably was more wavy but I still straightened, brushed, and blow dried every day.

Then when I had long hair # 2, I started seeing a new hairdresser. I thought she was the bomb! My hair looked so pretty when I left. I thought my hair looked good! But looking back at pictures of my hair, I realized it looked stringy and gross. Even in the pictures I thought I was having a good hair day- stringy waves with no bounce. Turns out (and I just found this out this week) razoring isn't good for wavy hair, which is why my hair looked so blah! I wish I would have known that before I got my hair cut by her earlier this month.

I chopped my hair off again (short hair #2) last summer and shortly after found the CG forum. As I was already using natural products, I tried things like the baking soda shampoo, cowashing, and vinegar rinses. I'm still figuring out what is right for my hair. It still feels dry, and it is limp. Granted I have a pixie right now- it is hard to tell if I'm doing something right!

I won't be able to get a deva cut until my hair is much longer. I will have to wait a long time too- my ends are damaged from razoring and my hair is only two inches at the longest layer. I'm officially starting to grow out my hair this month, but I know it will take awhile because of all the damage.

My question are: Has anyone not been pleased with their deva cuts? If my hair is a big stringy mess, how will my stylist know where to cut if my wave pattern isn't even there anymore? If the deva cut is cut by each wave, wouldn't it be uneven? And if it's uneven, are you not able to wear your hair straight? Has anyone with very short hair gotten a deva cut?

Thanks to everyone here, this website is the best! I have learned so much about my hair!


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    Welcome! Baking soda is alkaline so damaging to both skin and hair, you would be better using a super gentle sulphate free shampoo or conditioner only washing.

    A standard Deva cut can look uneven straight, you can ask them to modify the way their cut to accommodate you being able to flat iron hair. Check out the salon reviews tab on the main NC site, also the salon stylist chatter board.
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    I have seen some people saying they were displeased with their devacuts, but honestly I LOVE mine! Go get one, they can really shape your hair and bring back some life to it. Also I don't think it matters that your curls aren't perfectly defined, once they start cutting your hair kinda goes *POOF!* and becomes a huge afro from the finger combing they do, so i don't see how they can see the curl pattern anyways! They must be geniuses or something :O Don't panic, I was terrified when I first saw how poofy my hair was when they first cut it, but once you wash it goes back to normal but just with an amazing cut and shape! :)
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    Thanks ladies! I have been browsing the salon reviews. The problem is I'm located in the middle of Indiana and don't have much choice when it comes to where I will get my deva cut. But I am thinking once my hair grows out it would be a good idea to get one!

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