Need indigo help!

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I just rinsed out my first henna treatment, and my hair is straw-like (which I understand may be normal, so not worried YET.). I'm about to mix up the indigo now (I have black hair with about 30% grey, so am doing the 2 step process).

My question: can I condition after the indigo? I've heard it's drying, and my hair already feels awful.


  • ButterCurlButterCurl Registered Users Posts: 34 Curl Neophyte
    Plus, I don't think I'll be able to get a comb through it for work tomorrow if I don't!
  • NoumenonNoumenon Registered Users Posts: 86
    If you hair is feeling dry I would recommend stretching this out to a 3 step process. Give you hair what it likes (DT, hot oil treatment, ext.) then do your Indigo. You can also do an hot oil treatment after your indigo :)
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