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Don't worry everyone, I have decided not to use the relaxer and I think it is the right decision. I just have one question: Sometimes my hair will get a little puffy because of exercise or the summer heat. I usually tie my hair up but in order for it to look ok I must use some gel, brush my hair back, and put the hair band very tight. I know that the tightness of of the hair band is not to helpful to my hair. Is there any other way to deal with this situation? I would try pulling my hair back another way but it is too short right now.
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    Maybe you could wear your hair in twists. I run 3-4 times a week, and sometimes have problems with my hair puffing. Normally, I just sorta tie it back with a satin scarf, and then do a conditioner rinse to remove the salt(I detangle too). But, if that is too much work, I'd just put my hair in multiple small twists. You wouldn't have to worry about it getting too frizzy, and you can rinse the salt out of you hair without the hair messing up. And, if you want the hair to look smoother(flatter) in the front, just lightly tie a triangle(satin) scarf along the edges(but still covering the entire head). Apply a moisturizer or oil before doing so, and in the morning or later in the evening, take off and go. I can get my twists to last around 2 weeks.
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