Tips for Haircut?

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Hi all, I'm new here. I'm about two weeks into the CG method and my hair is currently shoulder length (unstretched), 2C-3A, with some 3B in there underneath. I'm thinking the CG method is bringing my hair around to better curling, but I think I need a haircut to help the upper parts curl better.

My question is, do you guys have any tips on what to tell my stylist specifically to do to my hair? I've read that razors, thinning shears, etc. is bad for curls, and I'm thinking layers will definitely help the upper bits curl better, but that's all I know so far. Helpful tips, maybe?


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    I have my stylist cut long layers at a 45 degree angle; she cuts it wet, but my hair still responds well. When I get home, I style, wait for it to dry, then touch up some wonky bits myself.
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    here's an old thread started by a board member who is a stylist. it is a long thread, but the first page gives most of the tips.

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    Thank you! I looked briefly on my phone for one and didn't see that one before I posted this. Thanks for letting me know!
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    Ahhh! It sounds like we're in the same boat. Same curl pattern and everything :laughing3:

    I'm getting a haircut tomorrow, and I'm trying to work out what to tell the hairdresser. I wasn't able to shop for a Deva stylist while I was home, but the stylist doing my hair is a curly (albeit cropped short), so hopefully he'll "get" my curls better :)

    I guess I'm going with the nondescript "long layers." I might mention the 45 degree angle, and I'm bringing pictures in case I don't have the chance to talk him through my hair before it's washed. I know to leave the bottom thick--I have bigger 3a curls that start right behind my ears, and some 3b. I just need to get my hair to do something besides hang there around my face--my layers are all but grown out. And keep the length. That's what I'm most nervous about :toothy3:

    ANYway, I'll cross my fingers for you :)
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    Assuming you've already researched stylists - as in reading online reviews about them to see what sort of reputation they have - you might first set up a phone consultation w/any stylist you're interested in.

    You could first list your concerns re: layers, etc. and discuss how much length you'd like taken off from various parts of your hair. Can ask the stylist how much experience they have w/curly hair in general. I'd ask what technique will be used, and whether it will be cut wet or dry, or if you have an option.

    The beauty of a quick phone consult is you can quickly rule a stylist in or out by observing:

    1. If they sound comfortable and knowledgeable about curly hair.

    Like if they automatically assume you want your curly hair "thinned out", or they admit to rarely seeing curly clients, that might rule them out.

    2. Temperament and personality (including their attitude about curly hair).

    If the stylist sounds irritated, impatient, rude or distracted, there's a possibility your needs won't be considered or heard once the scissors come out. One example of a poor attitude about curly hair:

    I once had a stylist on the phone tell me he's "great with curly hair" and "knows" curly hair, but said he "doesn't much care for it". I curtly thanked him for his time and ended the conversation. I've had other jolting encounters via phone that saved me from disappointing trips to various salons.

    Your idea to take pics with you for your stylist is a good one.

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