Big Chop Gone WRONG! Please help

Ladies I have no idea what I was thinking but I decided to do a big chop today. I had a certain image in my head which was sides mostly shaved with some hair on the top like a faux hawk. My regular hairstylist NEVER answers her phone, I'd have to call her everyday for two weeks until she actually does just to get an appt a week later. I was fed up with her picking up the phone whenever she felt like so I went someplace new. Let's just say BAD IDEA!! :pale: My hair isn't even close to how I want it. It's ear length because she was scared I wouldn't look right with short hair how I imagined and I still have some straight pieces. I wanted to shave up some sides because I do suffer from heat damage. She straightened it which made it somewhat better but I'm truly not comfortable with it. The problem is I'm not the type to cut my hair and regret it because I've done big chops before. I truly dislike this length and how my hair falls. I went to my friends and family but they either said nothing at all or just criticized me 100% except my boyfriend who LOVES my hair (he saw it straightened, not in it's natural state yet) ..please help. I have no clue what to do with my hair at all. I'm tempted to just grab my uncle's shavers and shave it myself!


  • collegecurly27collegecurly27 Posts: 36Registered Users
    Call the salon and ask to speak to the manager- if you calmly explain that you're not satisfied they will usually try and fix it for you (with a different stylist).
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    Agree with the above post - call the salon and tell them what happened - and see someone else! Sounds like an easy fix......
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    Thanks ladies but I decided to cut it all off, well most of my hair. I shaved all around & left the top somewhat long so it'll look like a fauxhawk type style. Hopefully my hair grows out curlier than it was before.