Is this weird?

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I am bi-racial, but I was raised with only the Caucasian side of my family. At a very young age my mother started asking anyone for help with my hair. Stylists, friends, friends of friends, people in line at the store. Whoever was within ear shot. Now that I am a BIG GIRL I take care of my own hair. It was a self teaching process...


I live a very active life and work a semi physically demanding job. I found that recently I have been doing the cowash method...accidentally. I haven't been able to admit it to anyone because most people would cringe at the fact that I can't remember the last time I washed my hair!

Is it weird that washing my hair is not even close to the top of my priority list?
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    Welcome! If you are conditioner only washing you are washing your hair, it's much the same as removing heavy make up with a cleansing lotion or people with eczema cleansing their body with a creamy product as recommended by their dermatologist. WEN, L'oreal and Pantene all make cleansing conditioners, clearly the concept works and is now mainstream.

    Conditioner contains ingredients that can act as emulsifiers - mix oil and water - the cationic surfactants and fatty alcohols. Shampoo contains foaming ingredients that are also called surfactants. Bubbles do not clean hair, the emulsifying action does. Sulphate shampoos and alkaline soaps are modern inventions, there is increasing scientific evidence that these are damaging to skin and hair.

    If you are not even wetting and massaging your scalp that is not advisable. You should be removing sweat, sebum and skin build up regularly but as gently as your skin and hair needs, be that with shampoo or conditioner.

    Educate the sheeple around you, don't be frightened of their lack of scientific knowledge. Ask them if they know better than WEN, L'Oreal, Pantene and dermatologists about which ingredients can cleanse skin and hair! Or ask them if your hair smells bad or looks like you dipped your head in the fryer, I bet it does not.
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    When you search more thoroughly in here, you will notice that co-washing is definetly not weird. Many people, including myself when I was younger, are reinforced to believe that if you don't use shampoo you are dirty. I am so glad I became natural a year ago...boy did I learn the real truth! LOL.
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