Advice from Those Who Have Worked Abroad Recently

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I needed advice for anyone who has worked abroad preferably from 2009 to present. If you know Visa law though feel free to chime in. I recently had to let a job opportunity go because my FBI check turned up an arrest for driving without car insurance and even though the charges were dismissed and is considered a misdemeanor, the country I wanted to go to still says no. Now I recently called the recruiting company I used and I told them I was trying to look at other locations and their response to me is that I am not eligible to work anywhere until I get the arrest off my record. This is not exactly okay because I am in a state where I don't have certification and cannot really find a teaching job here. I really can't afford to move back to my home state where friends and family are. So my question is, are all Asian countries like this, needing a background check. I guess I am a little skeptical because when I looked at work visas for China and Japan they don't mention anything about a background check in an application for their visas. So I am looking at the company with a bit of a side eye. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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