Keratin express daily keratin?

waviewavie Posts: 237Registered Users
Has anyone tried this product? I'm looking for something that provides the results of a keratin treatment (smooth, soft, shiny hair) and will prolong my straightening but I'm not ready to make the commitment to a true BKT yet. So this seemed to fit the bill.

Here are some links: Keratin Express Daily Keratin Smoothing Treatment 6 oz: Beauty

Just wanted to see if anyone here has tried it, and if it is necessary to get a BKT prior to using this product (or if it can just be used alone).Thanks!
Hair type: 2C-3A, very dry, extremely low porosity, med elasticity, insanely thick kinky-wavy.
HGs: Trader Joe's Nourish spa conditioner, Epsom salt rinse, Joico K-pak conditioner

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