Low porosity high porosity? Signs?

Do you think they're are signs of each porosity? If so what are they for each one?

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    The best way to figure it out is the strand test: take a strand, slide your thumb and index fingers back and forth (upwards)... if you feel bumps along the way or your hair "catches" you are high porosity. If your fingers slide easily and possibly squeak, then you are low porosity.

    This test had me fooled however... I kept feeling kinks in my hair thinking they were the "high porosity bumps" and thinking that I was high-porosity, but I am actually normal-low.

    Other signs: low porosity is harder to get wet and takes longer to dry. Takes longer to absorb any product. Takes longer to lose moisture, but if you've lost moisture, it takes longer to get the moisture back in.

    High porosity is the opposite... eats everything, loses moisture easily, dries more quickly.

    If your hair is bleached, dyed, damaged, chemically relaxed, permed etc and if you've been using heat tools such as curling or straightening irons or blow-drying on med-high heat close to the hair (like if steams comes out of your hair as you blow dry)... you are most likely high(er) porosity. Mechanical damage from dry-brushing, the sun etc can also cause higher porosity.

    If your hair is virgin and has been handled very gently without heat, dyes, chemicals etc. you are most likely normal to low HOWEVER some people's hair is naturally (genetically) more porous.
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