Protein Treatment led to softer hair?

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I have 2b-ish, high-med porosity, med-thick, med-dense hair. Lately it's been very soft but frizzy and lacking curl definition so I decided to try a protein treatment.

I followed the gelatin recipe with no extras other than the ACV and a bit of coconut oil. When I washed it out my hair was quite tangly and more dry then usual so I followed it with a rinse-out and a leave-in.

I feel like I didn't get any results after my shower. My hair is still soft and frizzy. There's a bit more curl definition in the ends but nothing really helpful.

I used Hugo Naturals Moisturizing and Defining conditioner mixed with Prairie Naturals Harvest Moon Silica Strengthening conditioner as my RO and Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse as my leave-in. The only styler I used was BRHG.

I didn't have ANY crunch to scrunch out and I used a fair amount of gel. I've found in the past that I have very little crunch anyways, but this was more than usual. My hair just feels so soft and frizzy and undefined it's driving me crazy!

Anybody have any idea what could have caused this? Or anyway to fix it? Please help!


I can't find the ingredients for the prairie naturals but I know it has protein in it. The KM rinse has a lot of butters/oils but no protein.


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    Are you saying you had less crunch than normal? If you still had some residual coconut oil on your hair after the treatment that could do it. That happens to me if I have oil on the surface. After the oil absorbs (or is washed away) I get my more normal BRHG crunch.

    Is your hair frizzy when wet or just when dry? I'm fighting a lot of frizz (when wet and dry) myself. I plan on clarifying, doing a DT, and doing another gelatin PT. I just haven't decided on the order. :) My first PT helped a lot. I still have frizz, but I got back a lot of curl. My shed hair is still very stretchy in the shower, though, so I think I need to do another one.
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    Hydrolysed protein works in two ways, by aBsorbing into the cortex of the hair and by aDsorbing onto the cuticle. Depending on your hair properties and condition you may benefit more from one or the other or both. You don't say what your technique or timescale was, perhaps you didn't leave it long enough to get absorption, perhaps you didn't rinse enough and had too much protein remaining on the surface, perhaps the coconut oil interfered with the protein treatment.

    Whilst some people do get instant gratification from a protein treatment or from a coconut oil treatment it's not wise to expect that, generally instant gratification in commercial products comes from silicones. Ingredients that penetrate can need several treatments to show an effect and you may need to play with the recipe and your technique.

    I have a vague recollection of Googling the Angel Rinse before and it not being a true conditioner, ie. not rich in cationic surfactants and fatty alcohols. If that is correct that might be the problem, have you tried clarifying?
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