CG Favorite Product Questions...

Ok, so I just realized that the products I'm usually are most definately not CG... :?

What is a good CG thicker conditioner. I just bought the suave tropical coconut, but I think I would like something thicker?

Also, what is your favorite drugstore CG Leave-in?

And, I just got some BRHG. I like it, but there's a problem. I have to use quite a bit of product in my hair because, well, I have a lot of hair. Obviously, the BRHG is too expensive to use in excess especially on a college budget. Are there any drugstore/ cheaper alternatives to this gel?

Oh... one more questions... If I use CG conditioner and gel but not a CG leave-in how much is that going to affect my hair?

Thanks in advance,

A12curlyq :D